E PTEC, INC. CONSULTANTS will help your organization through the entire emergency and disaster response exercise process, from start to finish. For example, we will:
Emergency Exercises & Drills

  • Support the grant application, reporting and close-out processes for your granting agency.
  • Assist with determining your exercise goals and objectives.
  • Design exercises that maximize results but also minimize time and costs.
  • Provide experienced, qualified evaluators for the selected target capabilities.
  • Provide logistical support for staged events.
  • Provide patient scenarios (field through hospital).  Can be formatted for START/JumpSTART triaging.
  • Provide moulaging and patient/volunteer management and supervision.
  • Complete an HSEEP-compliant After-Action Report that is professional and unique to your organization(s). The report will be an accurate reflection of your exercise(s) and will serve as a roadmap for your improvement process.

Plan or Execute an Exercise

To learn more about emergency exercises and drills or to discuss other preparedness opportunities, contact EPTEC Inc. today.

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