W ITH OVER 10 YEARS experience helping institutions and operations in the public and private sectors, EPTEC Inc. will enable your organization to prepare for emergency and disaster situations. >We have served as the lead consultant for many public and private client organizations on such emergency planning projects as:

    Emergency & Disaster Response Planning

  • Pre-Disaster Hazard Mitigation (PDM) Plans
  • Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs)
  • Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government (COOP/COG) Plans
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Plans, Job Aids and Checklists
  • Single-Subject Plans
  • Mass Casualty/Fatality
  • Terrorism/WMD
  • Hospital Emergency Plans/HICS
  • School Risk & Vulnerability Assessments


Custom, Professional Plans

At your discretion, plans can be developed in one of two ways:

  1. Solely by EPTEC Inc.
  2. By your organization with EPTEC acting as lead project planner

With either model, plans will be developed using the criterion and formats that meet the needs of your organization. Plans will also meet the requirements of federal, state or other regulatory agency policies.

Planning & Job Aid Products

In addition to EPTEC’s emergency planning, we also offer several pre-packaged planning and job aid products. Visit our products pages to learn more.

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